1977 Lesage Console Upright Piano in Hand Rubbed Satin Ebony

LESAGE Upright Console

Hand Rubbed Satin Black

Sainte-Thérèse, Quebec



Introducing our vintage Lesage 40″ Console Upright Piano: A Timeless Classic Reborn. Crafted in 1977 in Sainte-Thérèse, Quebec, this exquisite instrument combines the allure of vintage charm with modern performance enhancements to bring you an unparalleled musical experience.

Each component of this Lesage piano has been meticulously rebuilt, featuring new hammers and key-tops, with an action that’s been precisely weighted to ensure a confient and expressive performance every time. The original case retains it’s unique character, finished with a hand-rubbed satin that accentuates its vintage aesthetics.

More than just an instrument, this quirky 40-inch console piano stands as a piece of artistic craftsmanship. It’s not only an eye-catching addition to any room but also a testament to the enduring quality of Lesage pianos.

Priced only at $5,000, this vintage Lesage console piano is perfect for both seasoned musicians seeking a distinctive sound and aesthetic, and for beginners desiring a reliable and charming instrument to start their musical journey.

Embrace the blend of style, charm, and superior musical quality with the vintage Lesage Console Upright Piano. Experience the timeless beauty and captivating sound of a meticulously restored masterpiece.

Price Includes:

  • Piano bench
  • Comprehensive pre-delivery service
  • 5-year warranty
  • Free delivery with Rosedale Piano Movers within the GTA to the main floor of your home
  • One year “trade-up” at full value
  • One complimentary in-home piano tuning

Price: $5,000