Paul Hahn & Co. Holiday Gifting Ideas

Holiday 2020 is fast approaching and there are only a handful of days left to shop. Give your friends and family something different and unique. At Paul Hahn & Co., we have great gift ideas to satisfy every person on your list.

The High Roller

1916 Steinway Stretch Model A3 – The Steinway model A3 is where the Model A family makes a big step in both size and sound. Measuring 6’4 ½” long, the Model A3 is much larger than the previous Model A grands and features a greater power and range of tone. It is considered to be comparable to what has been dubbed the “perfect piano”, the Steinway Model B. This piano is completely restored which includes a new soundboard, pinblock and action. We have sprayed the plate silver, inspired by the “Sterling Silver” Steinway, -a nod to the original nickel-plated hardware found on traditional Steinways. With some subtle modifications by our team of restorers, this is truly a modern piano, unlike any other.

The Collector

“Piccolo” Mini Piano – This Wurlitzer model 200 Student Butterfly Piano, also know as the “piccolo” is a 44 Note Keyboard model created in 1937. Wurlitzer letters from the ‘80s state that only 12 of these unique pianos were built, designed exclusively for Wurlitzer Dealers for promotional purposes. As far as we know, this is the only fully rebuilt and fully functioning Piccolo in the world!

The Sentimentalist

Restoring (new hammers, new strings, new action) – Bring their treasured, family heirloom back to life with some tender loving care and new parts! Get them something they will appreciate and cherish forever.

The Artist

Refinishing – Our workshop is equipped with a spray booth that can refinish your piano in any colour of the rainbow. Let their imagination soar!

The Person Who Has Everything

Paul Hahn & Co. Gift Certificates – We all have that person on our list that is the toughest to shop for. Pick up some gift certificates from our store and let them decide what they want. They can redeem their gift certificates for future piano tunings, restoration projects, and refinishing. Our gift certificates are available in any denomination and are ready for curbside pickup.

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