Our technicians conduct thorough on-site appraisals of your piano.


If you’re considering selling your piano, have it appraised by our team. The first step is to arrange a visit from one of our technicians, who will perform a tip-to-tail visual inspection of all aspects of your piano. We will then provide a written appraisal letter with an approximate market value for private sale.


Our appraisal service for insurance purposes includes a tuning of the piano. The tuning of the instrument allows our technician to get a true sense of your piano’s condition. A written appraisal and, if requested, copy of our technician’s report can be sent to your insurer.


If your piano requires repair, a good first step is to have one of our technicians visit to assess the piano. We’ll tune the piano first (this is necessary in order to detect any hidden issues), look at the entire instrument, and present options for repair. We only charge for this service if no repairs are performed.


Often the piano is a valuable asset of an estate, or it is a significant part of a family story. The condition of a piano is the greatest contributing factor in determining the value. Our Estate Appraisal service includes a tuning of the piano. (This is necessary for us to accurately determine the condition of the instrument.) It’s a two-stage process: first, our technician visits the piano to tune and make a visual inspection of the instrument. Then that report is then returned to our office, where we will compare and contrast it with pianos of similar vintage and condition, and suggest a fair market price for the piano (whether for sale or probate).


Like our Estate and Insurance Appraisal services, our Divorce Appraisal includes a tuning of the instrument. We’ll follow up with a written appraisal letter that includes a fair market value for the piano.

The cost for any appraisal is $300.00 + HST.

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