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Toronto’s Piano Store

Paul Hahn & Co. is a family owned and operated company established in 1913, conveniently located in downtown Toronto and one of the oldest piano stores in Canada.

We lovingly restore and repair pianos, using traditional and old world craftsmanship. Specializing in the restoration of vintage uprights and grand pianos, such as Steinway & Sons, Baldwin, Yamaha, Kawai and Canadian manufactured treasures such as Heintzman, Nordheimer, Bell and Mason & Risch.

Our Services

Bechstein Grand Model V

Piano Sales

Everyone who selects a piano from Paul Hahn & Co. benefits from our 100 years of experience.

Our team handpicks each instrument to ensure it will embody our core values, and be an instrument we’re proud to deliver and service. We’re a part of a long and esteemed tradition, and we only restore and sell exceptional pianos.

Restore, Rebuild, Repair, Refinishing

Our reputation is our calling card.

For over 100 years, we’ve been trusted to restore, rebuild, repair, and refinish remarkable heritage pianos. Our craft is to gently revive the natural beauty and individuality of every instrument. We are able to tackle the smallest to largest of issues including, case damage, replacing the top of a key, to the soundboard, and pinblock replacement

Piano Tuning

Regular tunings are important for your piano’s health and aural quality.

Pianos are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, and in Toronto, we experience wild swings each year (sometimes within the same season)! The best way we know how to mitigate these stresses on your piano is to tune it regularly. Even if your piano is not played, tuning it maintains the structural integrity of the instrument.

Piano Moving

In partnership with our sister company Rosedale Piano Movers, we offer fully insured, experienced professional piano moving within Toronto and beyond.

From the first contact with our office, until our crew chief thanks you for your business at the end of the move, we strive to provide a worry-free, pleasant, and professional experience. We will arrive when we say we will, and our piano moving team will ensure a simple, no-fuss, and safe move of your prized possession.

Music Lessons

In partnership with Avenue Road Music and Performance Academy, we are offering piano lessons for students of all ages. 

Avenue Road Music and Performance Academy is a registered charity that brings music to the lives of Canadians no matter their location, age, or economic means. 

We operate in a beautiful heritage building in the heart of Toronto. Our reach extends beyond our four walls to communities afar through state of the art virtual classes taught by outstanding faculty. We build confidence and knowledge in students of all ages.

Our inviting performance hall showcases a gorgeous grand piano generously donated by Gordon Lightfoot to support our mission. 

We offer scholarships to those in need, and outreach programs to First Nations Communities.

A Shan
A Shan
Neale was excellent. While browsing for pianos he took the time to share interesting features and even historical and technical elements. We will be buying our next piano from him!
John Smith
John Smith
Great experience here, they specialize in piano restoration. Neil is your contact!
Stuart Kamenetsky
Stuart Kamenetsky
A big thank you for restoring the damaged Fallboard on my 1914 Steinway B. Special thanks to Pavel for his dedicated and caring service and to Eera – the gifted person who did the wood work and finish preserving the original beautiful decal and ensuring that the new finish blends well into the rest of the piano which was not refinished. Highly recommended for high end prized pianos like mine!
Mulo Vita
Mulo Vita
Walked in one day to try out some pianos. I'm a pianist. The woman there was so weird, no hi, no smile, just awful vibes. The guy was odd too, like so suspicious and trying to figure me out. Maybe they don't like people from other countries and are decent only to locally born/Anglos - no idea. Certainly never felt this way anywhere in the US, Europe, China, and especially in this kind of setting in our own professional field.
Evan Davies
Evan Davies
The best in the business.
Paradise Bound
Paradise Bound
Matthew Stern
Matthew Stern
No matter what my concern, Chris knows the fix. He is the piano whisperer! He tunes and does his magical adjustments and the sound of my 100 year old upright gets more subtle, rich and colorful every time. Great service, brilliant results. Unreservedly recommended.
parmis sepehr
parmis sepehr
I love Paul Hahn. Great service, especially on Saturdays.
Dakota M
Dakota M
Great place to purchase a piano from or have it serviced at a great price. An acoustic piano is a fine and complex instrument and Neale is an expert!

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