“Pavel was terrific!”

“Pavel was terrific! He knew he was getting into a huge job and searching for a missing key didn’t help! He painstakingly fit a new key and tuned our “old gal” beautifully. My husband and I listened to him play afterwards and even allowed me to video him which I forwarded to our daughter (who fully intends to take over her care when we no longer can). It has been a pleasure to be with Paul Hahn & Co. all these years. Thank you.”

  • N.C. – Toronto, January 2023

“Purchase experience has been stellar”

“Thank you for sending Pavel over to repair the piano. The purchase experience has been stellar, including the delivery by RPM. But it’s when there are hiccups that a business shows it’s true colours. Your care and responsiveness speak volumes.”

  • J.S. – Toronto, December 2021

“Personable And Professional”

“Chris was extremely personable and professional and that we’d be happy to have him back for any future tunings. He did an excellent job. Thank you very much.”

  • S.A. – Toronto, October 2021

“Go Well Beyond The Call Of Duty”

“Thank you again Neale, Alex, for all your help, great teamwork, and helping me buy and move my first piano. Truly, you guys, and your team are amazing, knowledgeable, thoughtful, and go well beyond the call of duty. Thanks again for everything – right down to putting the bow on top!”

  • K.W. – Toronto, September 2021

“Amazing Team Of Talent And Heart”

“I just wanted to thank you again for restoring my beautiful piano to its true glory again. It will be singing for years to come. Such an amazing gift to keep in the family. You have an amazing team of talent and heart. This whole process has been very special.”

  • R.N. – Toronto, September 2021

“Awesome Service”

“We just wanted to take a moment to thank you guys for awesome service. Christopher who attended yesterday was so careful, and calming. He has made our old piano sound great, and for that we’re super grateful. What a nice and clearly very talented guy.”

  • C & J – Toronto, March 2021

“Like Family”

“The staff associated with Paul Hahn are exceptionally gracious and warm – in ways, almost like family, and this is truly lovely. Thank you.”

  • S.A. – Toronto, February 2021

“You love what you do and it shows!”

“Alex you have been an incredible source of advice! You love what you do and it shows!”

  • A.B. – Toronto

“I am totally in love with this one”

“I have to say how grateful I am for your idea to trade pianos. I am totally in love with this one. Our 9 month old daughter is enjoying playing as well, she plays for a while, sometimes her whole hand, sometimes one finger, and occasionally reaches up to try and turn a page on the music book, she’s a natural!”

  • A.W. – Toronto

“Chris did an amazing job”

“Thanks again for setting this appointment up! Chris did an amazing job, as usual!”

  • C.N. – Toronto

“I wish I had called you years ago!”

“Chris was so lovely… explained everything that was going on with the piano and our options and showed us exactly how it all worked and didn’t work anymore. I wish I had called you years ago!”

  • K.A. – Toronto

“The piano has a long-term family home!”

“We have a 9-year-old granddaughter in love with our Steinway. At home, she has a Nordheimer you refurbished for us. Here, she plays the Steinway with both hands. Quite a joy! I think the piano has a long-term family home! Thank you, and a very merry Christmas to you all!!”

  • B.D. – Toronto.


“He’s most thorough and careful in his work!”

“Pavel has been very helpful and a delight to encounter. I shall continue to call upon him in the future. He’s most thorough and careful in his work!”

  • L.M., Toronto.

“My Piano Thanks you!”

“Hey Chris. I’ve been meaning to call but keep forgetting.
Altho’ you always do an excellent job, this time feels particularly sweet.
My ears thank you, my fingers thank you, and my piano thanks you.
Cheers, have a great season!”

  • A.G., Toronto.

“Loved the Steinway piano!”

“I just want to express my gratitude and appreciation to you all. You have been so patient and amazing with our piano rental needs. The director loved the Steinway piano and it looked stunning on our set. Thank you all.”
  • S.M., Toronto.

“It’s a gorgeous piano!”

“I am a pianist and piano teacher, and when I was looking to upgrade my 7 foot Hardman to a Steinway  I came to Paul Hahn & Co. Over a two year period, looking at all of their great pianos, I fell in love with Model A 143161. I have played lots of pianos since then, (even 9 foot Steinways),  but none can match the colour and depth of sound that can be found in my final choice. It’s a gorgeous piano!”

  • A.M., Kingston.

“A Real Gift!”

“Our piano was one of, or THE  most rewarding purchase we’ve ever made. Both kids are playing now and our son is playing at a pretty decent level for a six year old… the four year old just started and is loving it as well. They spend hours a week at the piano, both practicing and fooling around and we love it. This is especially striking in contrast with iPad and gadget centred households. They like those things as well when given the opportunity, but gravitate towards the piano even beyond their scheduled practices. It’s a real gift!”
  • S.M. Toronto.

“Keep being you.”

I do have to say that it was your kindness and selfless way of helping me out the first time that made me buy this piano from your store.  I know that I am in good hands with you. Keep being you. Don’t change that. Thank you again.


  • K.M. Toronto.

“Expert work!”

Dear Jamie,
Thank you for sending the most capable and personable Chris in your place. In the past few days, my partner has had to put up with more piano playing and practicing than usual, as I have been so in love with how good my freshly-tuned piano has sounded. I can hardly stay away from it.  Please thank Chris from at least one of us for his expert work!
  •  D.D. Toronto.

“Imagine a 9 year old child saying that!”

After Chris tuned the piano, my 9 year old who has been sick perked up and told him he is a good player.  Today, she on her own begun to practice, and please let Chris know that her exact words were, “It sounds so wonderful!”  Imagine a 9 year old child saying that!
  • B.L. Toronto

“Knowledgeable and Pleasant.”

“The technician was knowledgeable and pleasant. He took the time to explain how the piano pedals work.”

  • G.R. Toronto, ON.

“Such a pleasure!”

“Chris was so wonderful as he patiently answered my questions and provided great advice and recommendations. Such a pleasure!”

  • M.A. , Whitby, ON.

“Shines with the care from your special men…”

“Dear Alex,

A very happy New Year to you!
Today, after endless delays at Italian customs we have at last our precious Steinway home. It played beautifully, was in perfect tune, and shines with the care from your special men in the workshop.
I just wanted to say thank you – for the piano itself which everyone comments on as amazing, and the support you provided as we began our long journey to bella Italia.”
  • L.V.

“Excellent work”

“As you may recall, I had a a nasty flood in my condo the day before the piano was due to be returned. The estimator from my condo came in all serious and as soon as he saw the piano his eyes lit up. “What a beautiful piano”, he chipped, and he went right over and looked inside. “Excellent work”. Turns out he used to work for IATSE and saw decades of fine pianos during concert performances. I said I would let you know how much a practiced eye like his appreciated your company’s fine restoration of my beloved piano.
Best regards to you, Jamie and the whole team for the Holidays and New Year!”
  • H.L., Toronto

“It felt like a different instrument!”

Chris, I wanted to thank you yet again for working on our piano at the University Club. One of our members, who is the jazz musician, played it and said it felt like a different instrument. Thank you so very much.

– Diana

“The piano sounds terrific!”

Thank you for sending your tuner on short notice. He did a great job, the piano sounds terrific, and is a pleasure to play again, and I’m telling everyone that its wonderful to do business with you!
Best, Tom K.

“Thank you for your expertise…”

Hi Chris,

I wanted to thank you for your expertise when you came to Thunder Bay.  I hope Thunder Bay treated you well!
I also wished to share with you something my daughter said after you came to our home.  She started to practice on the piano and suddenly stopped and said that the piano was responding to her in ways it had not in the past.  She went back to the piano and played again for about 10 minutes,  and with delight she said she finally had a piano that expressed meaning!
I am not sure what you did, but bring it back the next time you are here!! Thank you again Chris.
– Karen D.

“Roses to all of you!”

Dear Alex, Jamie, Nicolai, Vlad, Pavel & Carlos, Roses to all of you! Thank you so much for your amazing work on Steinway #258701! The sound is fabulous… Regards, Linda and Guy.

View the Restoration

“Thank you for the advice!”

“I am writing to thank you for the advice that you gave me mid-march about our daughter in-laws grand piano which is in our home… You were right! …Your piano tuner was great!” – P.P.

“Please accept my humble gift…”

“Dear Alex: Please accept my humble gift basket as an expression of my gratitude for you giving me the use of the piano and your space. It was a great recording session!” – Andrew

“The best tuning I have had in twenty years!”

“…the tuner you sent probably gave the best tuning I have had in twenty years. …a warm relief that he would not dismiss (my) old piano, but treat it with the same care and expertise as a nine-foot Steinway. … Everything had this wonderful resonance and not a trace of muddiness that results from a mediocre tuning. I had given up on the bass strings ever sounding again like the notes they were supposed to sound like, but he did it.” -A.L.

“Pavel did an excellent job…”

“Pavel did an excellent job of installing the Dampp-chaser, and explaining how it works.” – E. W. May, 2018.

“… He was professional and efficient.”

“Just wanted to drop a note to say how happy we are with the pitch/raise tuning service Pavel provided.  He was professional and efficient.”  – J.L.

“… he did a great job of tuning my piano.”

“Thank you, Jamie.  You  were kind enough to arrange to have Pavel come over and he did a great job of tuning my piano.  I hope you are on the mend.  

Thank you for the birthday party invitation. Regretfully I will be hard at work in my own shop that day, so please eat a piece of cake for me.” E.G.

“Professional, flexible and well-priced.”

“I had the opportunity to work with Jeremy at Paul Hahn Piano for a recent fundraising event and was so impressed. He was a pleasure to work with – very professional, flexible  and well-priced. The piano itself was delivered with no issues and was absolutely beautiful. I would recommend Paul Hahn to anyone looking for their next piano rental!”


Camp Oochigeas

“Just wanted to express my joy….”

Hi there,
Just wanted to express my joy and my  thanks  to you, Christopher, and The Paul Hahn Music Company. Through your encouragement and Christopher’s expertise, my beautiful Nordheimer is once again beginning to bring me great happiness and satisfaction.
Although Chris tuned my piano in May, I did not meet him until today as I was then in the hospital following surgery. I have to admit that I was very impressed with his knowledge of pianos, his ability and skill with the tuning, and his very pleasing personality. He has to be a great asset to your company.
He and I discussed some future possibilities that would help to keep my piano in good condition, and I greatly appreciated that. I trust that he will share these with you for further consideration.
Thanks again, Jeremy, for everything.  Not sure who all was involved in the actual restoration, but please extend my thanks to them.  Also, Christopher deserves a special thank you  –  partly for his tremendous expertise, but also for his personality and devotion to Paul Hahn & Co. Look forward to talking with you again in the near future.


“The piano has never sounded as good.”

“My Steinway piano was my very first significant consumer purchase, made almost forty years ago. Over that time it has become an important member
of the family. I am delighted with the repairs you have performed including the installation of the new soundboard. I can honestly say the piano has never sounded as good. Thank you for the expertise and tender loving care you have lavished on it.”

– R.W. Toronto, ON

“Just a lovely instrument.”

“The piano was magnificent. I absolutely loved playing it. The gig was an exclusive cocktail/dinner party for 40 guests. I played a lot of jazz and some classical music as well. The action was like butter and the sound was the sweetest. Just a lovely lovely instrument. I just wanted to explore the entire range of the piano and was really impressed with the clarity from end to end. I really enjoyed just playing single note lines just to hear the beauty of the instrument.”
– Fern Lindzon
2012 Juno Nominee

“Outstanding post-sale service…”

“Just wanted to say thanks again for the absolutely outstanding post-sale service we received. We’ve been really impressed with every aspect of the experience. Thanks for doing such a great job.”

R.C. – Kingston, ON

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

November 20, 2014

Dear Jeremy and everyone at Paul Hahn,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am just back from my trip and had to do everything to restrain myself from going straight to the piano and waking everyone up at midnight!!! Thank you so much for understanding the importance of music. Thank you for understanding the importance of family history. Thank you for taking care of an heirloom that means the world to me. Thank you for renewing my love of playing and listening. My children don’t know it yet, but they thank you too! This piano will one day be theirs.

– A. R-W. Kingston, ON

“I’m very, very happy.”

I’m very, very happy. Thanks again for the great care and service.

– I.G., Toronto, ON

“We received many compliments…”


You and the Steinway were magnificent yesterday!  We received many compliments about the renewed sound and appearance of the Steinway I was thrilled to hear music fill the room once again.

Thank you again for your assistance with the celebration.  It is always a pleasure to work with you.

J.M – Toronto, ON

“Such an amazing improvement…”

Happy New Year!

Just wanted to thank you for my lovely piano – such an amazing improvement it is truly hard to believe.

Thanks too for having it delivered in time for Christmas! The difference in tone and action that has made it sound so wonderful.

Thanks again for your prompt attention to my favourite piano. It was my 11th birthday present and is likely the only ‘possession’ that I am loathe to give up – but when I do will be sure to come back to you for assistance.

 – T.S., Mount Albert, ON

‘We couldn’t be any happier!’

We were drawn in by your website and you certainly delivered on all your promises. We couldn’t be any happier with our piano! It’s perfect…we can’t believe how beautifully it turned out. Paul Hahn & Co. turned something that could have easily ended up in a landfill into something elegant and glamorous that will be cherished by our family for longer than our lifetime! Thanks Jeremy. You guys are the real deal.

— Tracey Stewart, Finance Manager at National Shunt Service Ltd.

“Sounds Amazing!”

“She looks and sounds amazing! Thanks Jer!”

— A&K Sandler

“Gifts To The Community…”

Congratulations to a Toronto institution – Paul Hahn and Co. on their anniversary, 100 years. Wow. We should all live so long. Thank you the the owners and staff for your gifts to the community, these performances at your location on Yonge street. Continued success.

— Don Naduriak from Toronto, ON

“Sounds wonderful!”

It looks and sounds wonderful!

— S.B. from Stratford, ON

“A tribute to Martha…”

Thanks for all the time and thought that you have invested in Martha Adams’ piano. The restoring of the piano will be a tribute to Martha, and she would be pleased to know that one of her legacies will be the musical education of a deserving student. Thank you for your part in this.

— C. Kernohan

“I couldn’t be more delighted!”

To all of you at Paul Hahn & Co., I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the kindness and generosity you’ve extended to me over this past year. My piano and piano stool are magnificent! I couldn’t be more delighted. You’ve brought a childhood dream to life for me.

— Stefan

“Your personal sincerity and honesty…”

Jeremy, the Baldwin grand is sounding great. Thank you for inviting me into your shop that day last summer, and for your good judgment in helping me to select the Baldwin. As you’ll recall, I was ill and could neither play nor hear the true tone of the instrument, and said ‘Jeremy, I’ll have to trust you completely.’ I very much appreciate your personal sincerity and honesty. Knowledgeable staff like you make the Paul Hahn Piano company a trusted to so many Canadians.

— H. Pollard