Paul Hahn and Co is an authorized dealer, and installation centre for all of your PianoDisc wants and needs! Whether you live in a small space with the need to practice silently, or you want to fill your home with live piano music, PianoDisc has a system to meet your needs.


The ultimate piano player system.  Installed seamlessly into your piano, you will never know it’s there until you open the PianoDisc iQ app, select your favourite music, and watch your piano come to life. 



Utilizing optical technology, ProRecord instantly turns your acoustic piano into a digital synthesizer, allowing you to record MIDI and notate music as you play.  This technology is typically coupled with PianoDisc’s QuietTime system to allow for silent playing while maintaining that authentic acoustic piano feel.



As Toronto’s piano shop for the past 110 years, one thing we hear regularly is the desire to have an acoustic piano, with the limitation of living in a condo.  PianoDisc has a solution for that!  QuietTime is a revolutionary bit of hardware which allows you to mute your piano at the flip of a switch.  By stopping the hammers before they hit the string, this allows for the uninterrupted authentic feel of your acoustic piano without the sound.  The contactless optical sensor rail installed under the keys transfers the data it captures directly to your headphones!    



If you have a PianoDisc system from 1997 and later, it can be upgraded to work with the latest technology.  Floppy discs and CDs were great then, however the ability to play your piano wirelessly from your phone or tablet is priceless today.  Our certified technician will assess your system and replace the necessary components to keep your PianoDisc system relevant and up to date.