We are able to refinish your piano in our workshop and bring it back to life.


Our spray booth is where we work on the spectacular refinishing of pianos. Pianos are the only instruments that we must truly live with. Tired, cracked old finishes often conceal gorgeous and exceptionally rare veneers. Truly remarkable transformations are a regular occurrence at Paul Hahn & Co., and we offer free estimates for piano refinishing.



If your piano has suffered some nicks and scrapes, we can arrange a visit to have it touched up. A few smartphone photos will help our staff to understand the nature of the touch-up, and can help us ensure our technician is properly equipped to effect a satisfactory repair.



Many modern pianos have a polyester finish, and can usually be identified by their brilliant sheen. These finishes tend to degrade more quickly than their lacquer counterparts, and show scratches more easily. Whether it’s a quick polishing in the home, or a full-on polishing in our workshop, we can help rejuvenate a tired finish. If you’re not sure what kind of finish your piano has, please call us anytime and we can help sort it out.



Modern polyester finishes can be difficult to repair, and require an experienced hand. Our technicians are skilled in the art of repairing these finishes, and we often hear that the piano looks better after the repair than it ever did new. The repair of these finishes can be messy, and it’s often impractical to perform them in the home.


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