Piano Moving

In partnership with our sister company Rosedale Piano Movers, we offer experienced professional piano moving within Toronto and beyond.


If we can offer only once piece of advice, it is this: always hire professional piano movers. Attempting to move your own piano or using furniture movers is dangerous: both to your delicate instrument, and to the humans straining to lift and transport it. We are regularly tasked with repairing beloved pianos badly (and expensively) damaged by conventional movers, including movers who list pianos as part of their expertise. We’re proud to accommodate music-lovers of all budgets, but piano moving is one place we never recommend trying to cut costs.

Rosedale Piano Movers is the official piano moving company of Paul Hahn & Co. While you’re preoccupied with the hassle of moving, you can rest at ease knowing experts have taken complete responsibility for the safe and timely delivery of your piano.


To obtain a quote for piano moving, you can use the Rosedale Piano Movers online quote form, or you can call them at 416-929-1915.



Piano moving prices are based on several factors. When you call for a quote, we’ll ask you:

  1. Is it a Grand Piano or an upright?
  2. If it’s a grand, how long is it?
  3. How many stairs are there between the piano and the street? (Includes inside stairs.)
  4. If outside Toronto, additional mileage fees apply.



Piano movers sometimes move dozens of pianos in a day, and strive to provide accurate timeframes to all of their customers. But if they encounter unexpected, unavoidable delays or traffic snarls, their schedule is often compromised. We recommend arranging your piano move on a day when you have maximum availability. At least a three hour window is required, but if you can provide a larger window, it will be a less hectic experience.

Please consider the route the piano movers will take with your piano. The closer they can get their truck to the front of your house or apartment building, the quicker and safer the move will be. Moving cars out of the way and clearing hallways ensures a better and safer experience for all.

Piano movers are often asked if they can lift additional heavy items, such as furniture, along with the piano. This request can be occasionally be granted, but never just on the spot. If you have other items that need moving, let us know when you arrange your piano move with our office.