Pianos often suffer from wear-and-tear or unexpected accidents. We are restoration specialists and are well-equipped to diagnose and thoroughly repair your damaged instrument.


Our technicians are the best in Canada. Many small repairs can be made simply and quickly on-site. Unlike most itinerant technicians, ours are all talented rebuilders with a straight line to our fully-equipped workshop. Common on-site repairs include sticky keys, broken hammer shanks, missing damper felts, and objects or pens stuck in the action. Please tell us a little about your problem when booking your service call, so we can make sure our technician is as prepared as possible. If the repair can’t be performed in your home, we’ll provide a written estimate that includes all transportation costs for your approval, and we’ll credit the service call fee to the repair cost.



We maintain a workshop where our team of piano rebuilders and technicians work every day, restoring and repairing pianos. For repairs that are too costly, complex or laborious to repair on-site, it’s often more affordable and practical to simply move the piano to our facility. We warranty all our work, and can provide start-to-finish service (pick-up, repairs, return delivery and post-delivery servicing). Feel free to stop by – our workshop is the heart and soul of our company, and we’re always proud to show it off.



Contact us by Phone, or Email for more information on piano repairs.