Paul Hahn & Co. and the planet.

We here at Paul Hahn & Co. are not only passionate about pianos, but about the environment as well. We not only sort and recycle the standard waste products, but also whole pianos, and parts of pianos, as well. When possible, we reuse the wooden case parts, sort and store any parts that can be reused, and recycle all the used metal.

The biggest way that we are environmentally friendly, though, is that we do not sell new pianos. All the pianos we sell are pre-owned – reconditioned, rebuilt, or restored. New pianos made in China and other far-flung places are often built to be disposable, and carry a heavy cost both to the environment and to the poorly paid workers who have assembled them.

If your wish is to buy a new piano, and can afford the cost, we support that decision. If it is hand-made, using the best design and materials, it may someday pass through our doors and be given a new life. Having been in business for over a century, all our used pianos were new once! A new piano does, however, add to climate change, as a lot of greenhouse gasses are created in the building and transporting of a piano to our shores.

It’s an unfortunate fact that there are no pianos currently being built in Canada, but Paul Hahn & Co. provides a perfect option – a professionally restored, and environmentally friendly piano guaranteed to provide another lifetime of musical service.

You’ve heard of the three “R’s”? Reduce, reuse, recycle? We at Paul Hahn & Co. not only do this, but we add several other “R’s”: Recondition, Rebuild, Restore, and Refinish.

Reconditioning is the term we use when we repair, regulate, and restore’s a pianos playing condition without replacing any major parts.

Rebuilding is all of the above, plus new strings, tuning pins, repairing and refinishing the soundboard, and more.

Restoration is restoring the piano back to “like-new” condition, which may include a new pinblock, a new soundboard, and all new action parts.

Refinishing is, as the name implies, restoring the look of the piano to either like-new condition, or changing a piano’s look completely. Not only can we change the colour and the sheen of a finish, be we are specialists in new and artistic finishes, as well.

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