1939 Chickering & Sons Grand PIano Model 135 in a Satin Ebony Finish.

CHICKERING & SONS Grand Model 135

Satin Ebony

Boston, USA



Step into a world where heritage meets harmony with the Chickering & Sons Baby Grand Piano Model 135. Crafted in the pivotal year of 1939, this instrument is a testament to a bygone era of meticulous craftsmanship and rich musical tradition. With plans for a comprehensive future rebuild, this piano is set to bridge the gap between its storied past and a future filled with endless musical possibilities.

Key Features:

  • Model: 135
  • Year: 1939 – A vintage classic with a legacy of sound.
  • Size: 5’4″ Baby Grand – A compact design with a powerful acoustic presence.
  • Finish: Elegant Ebony – A finish that exudes sophistication and timeless beauty.
  • Future Rebuilding: Planned enhancements include a new pinblock, repaired soundboard, rebuilt action, and a refinished case, ensuring that this piano not only looks like new but plays like it too.
  • Rebuilt Price: $28,000 – An investment in musical excellence, promising decades of enjoyment and performance.
  • As-Is Price: $12,000 – Offers a ‘come play me’ tone and quality that is irresistible even before its transformation.

Product Description:

This Chickering & Sons Model 135 baby grand piano offers a unique opportunity to own a piece of musical history. Built in 1939k, this instrument carries with it the echoes of a bygone era, offering a rich, warm tone that is inviting and deeply resonant. As it stands, with an ebony finish that speaks to the elegance and sophistication of its time, this piano is a captivating find for any musician or collector.

While beautiful and playable in its current state, boasting a ‘come play me’ quality that Chickering & Sons pianos are renowned for, plans for a future rebuild will elevate this instrument to new heights. The comprehensive restoration will include everything from a new pinblock and repaired soundboard to a rebuilt action and a refinished case, all designed to enhance its performance and aesthetic appeal.

Priced at $12,000 as-is, this Chickering & Sons Model 135 offers immediate musical enjoyment with the promise of future perfection. Once rebuilt, it will stand as a paragon of vintage pianos, ready to fill homes or concert halls with its unparalleled sound and beauty.

This piano is more than an instrument; it’s a journey through time, a blend of history and artistry waiting to become the centrepiece of your musical expression. Whether you’re drawn to its current charm or its future potential, this Chickering & Sons Model 135 is a remarkable piece waiting to bring music and joy to your life.

Price Includes:

  • Piano bench
  • Comprehensive pre-delivery service
  • 5-year warranty
  • Free delivery with Rosedale Piano Movers within the GTA to the main floor of your home
  • One year “trade-up” at full value
  • One complimentary in-home piano tuning

Chris Playing on our 1939 Chickering & Sons Grand Piano

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Price: $28,000