Psst! Wanna buy a used piano real cheap?

We get this call far too often.

At Paul Hahn & Co., we love pianos, and we love our customers. We do not buy instruments that cannot be ethically re-sold.

If you have an old piano that you want to ‘get rid of’, We are not likely to be interested. There are exceptions to this rule, but they are a so few that we can say with reasonable confidence that your old piano would probably be rejected by us. We suggest that you try Craigslist or Kijiji instead.

HOWEVER: We would STRONGLY suggest that you have your piano tuned and assessed BEFORE you try to sell it privately. It’s a terrible thing to sell or give away a piano to someone who will then have to repair or scrap something that they have just paid good money for.

You may think your old piano is ‘Just Fine’, but only a technician knows for sure.

I’ll say it again:

Please, have your piano assessed by a technician before you try to sell it, or give it away!

In the unlikely case that we might be interested in your old piano, our technician will be able to tell us, and we will contact you.

– Jamie