Paul Hahn Window


The window and Paul Hahn and Co has been graced by the elegance of our 1925 Heintzman Model ‘D’ and a modern take on a holiday icon, the Christmas Tree. For this Heintzman, the simplicity of modern lines is emboldened by an artistic touch of warmth that is the contrast of the original mahogany finish against the hand rubbed satin ebony.

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Paul Hahn Holiday Window 2023

1925 Heintzman ‘D’ Grand

Founded in 1866, Heintzman has long been considered the ‘Steinway of the North.’ These instruments were built to last a lifetime in the harsh conditions across our beautiful country at a time when modern amenities such as central heating and climate controlled transportation were decades from commonplace.

This 1925 Heintzman & Co grand piano has been completely restored and custom refinished to be a truly one of a kind show piece. A PianoDisc Quiettime system has been installed making this a piano that can be enjoyed anywhere at any time. Just plug your headphones in, activate the system and continue enjoying this gorgeous piano.

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