Wurlitzer "Butterfly" fallboard

Congratulations! You’ve bought a Piano!

(Or: What to know before the delivery.) Before your piano is delivered, plan its placement very carefully. Think of a piano as being part of the family. Pick a room where it will be in the center of the action. You will want it to be part of celebrations, and most of all, you will

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Piano Care… and feeding?

When I was little, I would wake up every Sunday morning to the sound of my mother dusting the piano. Of course, she was dusting everything, (being my mom), but nothing else in the house made that familiar badum, badum, badum sound of her cleaning the keys. You might say that cleaning runs in the family:

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Five important reasons to have your piano tuned:

5. Piano Strings are steel wires under a tremendous amount of pressure, and they stretch. The piano has 88 notes, but many of the notes have more than one string. In fact, an average piano has approx. 240 strings. All these strings add up to around 10 or more tons of pressure. (That’s enough to

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