Alex Hahn fetching water

Coping With COVID-19 As The Owner Of Paul Hahn & Co.

I love a good holiday. Better yet, I always loved the feeling of getting back to the piano shop; it’s what I knew, it’s what I lived, it was the biggest part of my life. On March 26th, 2020, leaving the piano store at 1058 Yonge Street for what would be an indeterminate amount of time,

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How to build a paper piano

Build your own piano!

… out of paper, or cardboard! If you’ve seen the video, “In which Jamie has an idea”, you may want to try this at home. It’s a great project for the kids! Simply download this PDF, and cut along every black line. Don’t cut the gray lines! These are places where the paper is folded

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Jamie tunes pianos

How are pianos tuned?

Hi, folks! Jamie here from Paul Hahn & Co. With a video about Piano Tuning. That’s right, but if you thought that you could watch a video and learn how to tune, you’ll be disappointed to find out that learning to tune is like learning to play. It takes years of practice! These are the

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Jamie cleans piano pedals

How to clean your piano’s brass pedals… naturally!

Hi Folks! Jamie here, from Paul Hahn & Co. With…How to clean your piano’s brass pedals… naturally. That’s right! Normally, a little Brasso or Barkeepers Friend would clean the pedals lickety-split, but if you can’t get to the store because of a zombie apocalypse or a global pandemic these common ingredients will do a fine

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Jamie cleans pianos

How to clean the finish on your piano!

Hi folks! Jamie here from Paul Hahn & Co. with a quick primer on how to clean a Lacquer or French-polished finished piano. It’s not difficult, or time-consuming. Leave the inside of your piano to us, but you can do the outside yourself. If your piano was made before the 1940’s and hasn’t been refinished,

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