How to build a paper piano

Build your own piano!

… out of paper, or cardboard! If you’ve seen the video, “In which Jamie has an idea”, you may want to try this at home. It’s a great project for the kids! Simply download this PDF, and cut along every black line. Don’t cut the gray lines! These are places where the paper is folded

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Jamie tunes pianos

How are pianos tuned?

Hi, folks! Jamie here from Paul Hahn & Co. With a video about Piano Tuning. That’s right, but if you thought that you could watch a video and learn how to tune, you’ll be disappointed to find out that learning to tune is like learning to play. It takes years of practice! These are the

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Paul Hahn & Co. – Saving the world… one piano at a time.

So you want to buy a piano… Your choices are: 1. Buy a new piano. A new piano is an attractive choice. In this society, we tend towards replacing something when it breaks or when it seems “Old-Fashioned”. This is a relatively new ideal. Not too long ago, an entire service industry was founded on

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